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Default Shifting gas bike idea

Well I was brainstorming ways of getting more speed and torque out of the gas bike (Gearing), i was thinking of ways to accomplish this, and a solution i have found is this. To basically use the existing bicycle drive train and derailleur to be able to shift the power from the motor. Below is a small diagram of how it would function.

-Remove crank arms and pedals
-Weld sprocket to pedal bearing
-set chain tensionier to keep chain from rubbing on the motor's exterior
-Test out the new derailer system
-Hope fully the stock bike chain and rear hub will be able to withstand the torque from the motor
-Maybe buying a heavy duty DH bike chain would help, as well as a good quality rear hub / wheel.

what do you guys think?

I will also have to lock the rear HUB, as the bike would need to be roll started but this would not work with the ratchet systems rear hubs use Unless i leave one crank arm on to start it, but not having it on permentally, kind of like a key lol, keep it in my bag or something

Apon further research, this appears to be simmilar to a "JackShaft", except i dont need pedal power, who needs that lol?

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