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Default Re: Different Style Tanks?

Originally Posted by customshop05 View Post
Anybody else built their own tank??? i am building a fiberglass one right now. My avitar shows a pic of the mold on the frame. I tried uploading more photos but for some reason it wont let me any suggestions?
I am in the process of building a fiberglass tank. Starting to spec it out now. Started with and old Kawasaki kz650 tank, which is similar in shape to but muchwider and slightly longer than i need. I decided to go a different route, I cut the tank in half and shelled out the bottom half, leaving a 2 inch lip on both halves for the bottom of the tank. Cleaned out the inside of the tank, and will start laying the glass in so i have 2 outer halves to start with. Then I can section/ chop them to the size i want. Ive also started designing the inner wall/ bottom half of the tank. Mind you, its going on a cantilever bike, so a slight bit of forethought has to go into this. Something i'm not familiar with, lol. If this method doesnt work, i'll probably do the styrofoam mock-up. But i had the tank and was about to scrap it and said "what the ****" I'll post pics as i get a little deeper into it. -Keith
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