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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Gareth, I started to add to this thread but deleted it but Hambro brought it up and now I'll preach. I was a volunteer fire fighter for a few years. I got tired of taking people out of cars and off the road who would have lived if they had put thier seat belt on or worn a helmet.

You wonder why cops get p*ssed off. There is a lot more to thier lives than giving you tickets that you don't deserve and ruining your fun.

The fancy term in the era of fancy terms is First Responder. That means they get there first to see you torn and battered body, then the Fire Dept. and the EMT's get there.
The people who are alive, if any, are treated and put in the meat wagon and are off to the hospital.

If it is a bike accident, most of the time there is no urgency. The police figure out just what happened from where your body is lying in relation your bike. No hurry you aren't going anywhere. They look for marks on the road or in the tree trunks, telephone poles or the rocks.

Someone has to try and look through you pants for ID. You may have borrowed the bike so the plate doesn't tell them anything for sure. This, as you can imagine isn't a lot of fun. You are not to clean after you trip down the pavement at 30mph. At 60 they have to try and find your pants. Anything over that they may be trying to find enough of you to ID. I've seen it all. I picked up a helmet once and the owner was looking back at me.

Now the measurements are taken and and the nasty part begins. Putting you in the body bag. Always amazed me how the human body explodes on impact. We put you in the ambulance and you go to the hospital or the hearse comes and you go to the morgue and then some poor cop/cops have to go with a doctor to tell your family that you will not be coming home. Ever again.

There will be screaming and crying, screams of no-no and the folks will never have thier life back the way it was.

This Gareth is if your lucky. Don't want to wear that puss boy helmet still? Go down to Wal Mart and buy some Depends. Wear them for a week and use them.
Every time you get on your bike and don't have a helmet on you are one ride closer to wearing one for life.
The head trama facility is full of people who thought that it wasn't going to happen to them. I know. I visited friends there and that was thier attitude. Missed it myself once but I had a helmet on. Make sure when you take that ride without your helmet, that you say goodbye to your loved ones. The one thing we always heard was "we never got to say good bye, I love you".
Gives the family closure of some sort.

When the cop reams you out for not having a helmet as they give you the ticket, well they are just tired of picking people up off the road.

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