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Default semi metallic clutch pucks

I made some clutch pucks using an old set of brake pads off a car. I cut up the brake pad material and grinded them to fit in the clutch ring holes. they work great. no more slipping when i shift gears with my jack shaft kit. and it grabs great. pulls out of low speeds and up hills better then ever. no over power problems. if you try to make some your self make sure and use a brand new brake pad. I used a used pad and even though it looked to be in really good shape it had worn to a diffrent thickness on the inside. so some of the pucks I made where thinner then others. if you use a new pad they will all be the same. I made about 18 pucks with alittle over half a brake pad. the one i used came off a 2003 pontiac grand prix (regular size pad not real big, not real small). Im sure any pad will work. I work at a salvage yard so I just grabed a used set to see if it would even work. when I make another set I will buy the cheapest set of pads autozone of advance or who ever has in stock. I would add some pics but it says they are too big and I dont know how to resize
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