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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Thanks for the suggestion. Would that third arm make it so that the the sidecar to bike couldn't pivot or flex a bit on curves? I thought it would be better if it could pivot to keep the wheel of the sidecar on the ground and not restrict right turns by not being able to lean into the turn or have the sidecar wheel go air born on left turns (my sidecar is on the right). I guess I don't understand this side car business very well. You mentioned in an earlier post on this thread that at one time you had a Watsonian sidecar. Below are a couple of pictures of the mounting setup from a link on furballs sidecar questions thread. Did the Watsonian also have a third arm? Itlooks to me like there are just two mounting points which pivot.
The Watsonian Hack had a stay brace that ran from the front frame member to the front and also one from the upper shock mount in the back to the hack....The bicycle hacks look like they were leaners meaning the bike could lean to some extent in turns. I would look into going from the seat post to the rear mount on the hack for stability of the mount and the safety of "wonder Dog"!!
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