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Default Another n00b

Heyas all...

I find myself here for perhaps the best of reasons - yes, I wanna build a motorised bicycle! (Big surprise, yes?) The interest came about because I have a fascination with the very earliest motorcycles, which themselves were just that - pedal cycles with motors attached. I've had my hand in ordinary bicycle repair and modification for well over thirty years, and I have nearly as much experience on automotive engines and chassis, but this is something a bit new to me. What I've seen on this board suggests that it's a great place to look for help and ideas, so expect me to occasionally make a bit of a pest of myself.

As for 'current' projects, once I get a few pedal bikes out of the way I've found a lovely tall road bike frame that has something of a 1900s look, as well as a pile (literally) of other parts that, hopefully, will wind up being something unique and possibly even rideable...
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