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Talking Re: Silverbear's sidecar

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Just about the last tweaks are done on the trailer to sidecar transformation. I moved the wheel forward so that it is midway on the sidecar frame and have bolted the front arm to the sidecar frame instead of just relying on stainless steel clamps. I think the last thing I may do is raise the front end a bit by heating up a couple of the solder joints and then letting them cool in the new position. I had forgotten that the dog likes to sit with her snoot sticking out for a good hit of fresh air and unimpeded view of whats coming. Even with the screen in place her nose manages to stick out. So, I'll raise the front end a little high so it sits level under load. The dog was disappointed that we didn't actually go anywhere since I'm still waiting for the clutch tool to come, but seemed to settle in nicely. It may be awhile before I can test things out since everything is downhill on this mountain and it is a long push back up or I would take it for a pedal ride. Within the confines of the yard here it seems to turn fine.
I've included a photo from a link on furball's sidecar question thread of a watsonian sidecar from back when in England... very much in line with what I've been picturing for the next sidecar, but a bit more like a square stern canoe shorty which will get fasteddy's much superior mount. I hope this thread has been helpful to somebody and I'd be real interested to hear about and see your trailer to sidecar experiments if anybody does one. Thanks in advance. Once I can do a road test I'll let you all know how it goes. Comments are welcome...
SB-- on all of my "hacks" that I have had --they have a third attatchment point going from the seat post to the reat attachment point on the sidecar as a triangulated stabiliser. That way the leaning of the bike is kept to a minimum and parallel to the "hack" On my motorcycles we just use the upper shock mount. I have no dog to take for rides anymore so Ill stick with the trailer for the MB.
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