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Default Re: Starting bicycle engine on center stand

Originally Posted by BillyB View Post
Someone please tell me if I'm crazy here:

While trying to trouble shoot why my bike wouldn't start, I figured it had to be either it wasn't getting fuel or it wasn't getting spark.

On a car, one backyard mechanic way to check is to take out a spark plug, lay it on top of the engine with the plug wire attached, and at night time, have someone crank the car over while you look to see if spark plug was sparking.

So one thing I thought of doing, in my troubleshooting was to take the gear drive cover off, put a socket on an a ratchet extension, put that in a cordless drill, and use the cordless drill to turn the motor over while I checked for spark.

Has anyone ever tried this?
You don't hafta go that far. With the plug out you can simply turn the rear wheel by hand and check for spark.
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