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Lightbulb working with that darn circle !!

1. This could be anything round like your hub measure with an caliper for small circles and a string for large circles 2. Now lay your caliper across an piece of note book paper on the blue lines on paper to get it strait and mark each end 2. And 3. With string just mark one end and drag across circle with an pen at one end and let out slack very slowly until you find the furthest part of the circle and mark the other end of string drag and check at least three times or until you are sure its accurate , 4 now you have the ends marked ., 5. .now hold the paper up to the light and look at the marks and fold the paper in half at mark to mark. , with string fold string mark to mark , . And mark the center of fold in the string 6.un fold paper and mark middle of crease ,. String is all ready done in # 5,,.. use a compass for paper or an nail for string at middle mark and pencil to go around in an circlular motion , to make an pattern for papper , plywood ect. --+= hope yall understand what I am talking about o.k yall have a method ?
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