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Default Re: Cheap Rubber Motor Mounts

I am running a grubee 48 on a beach bike. I had huge vibration problems (numb but and wrists, mirror falling off. I found that using a spring powered tensioner (mounted on the gear case by the downtube, on top of the chain), took a LOT of vibration out.

Next was a suspension seatpost (one of the $20 ones, works good enough). This helped some. The best mod was a better spark plug and running 32:1 and a good KMC chain instad of the factory chain.

Now I can ride it for about 1.5 hours before I've had enough of it. If I get the 38t sprocket, I bet it will be even more tolerable.

PS my grubee chain guard broke at 100 miles, the metal is too soft (broke at little bracket that mounts on engine. If someone made a plastic one and used a rubber washer back there, it would probably hold up.

I just make sure my shoes are tight and my pants leg is taped or use a toe strap.

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