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Default Re: Cheap Rubber Motor Mounts

Rats! blown off the saddle on my first post. OK, OK. You all have convinced this newb that rubber mounts are not good. Everything you have pointed out makes perfect sense, especially when I find things like a cracked chain guard after a few miles of riding...what's cracking next?
I will be removing the isolators and replacing them with a 1 piece, 3/4 inch wood spacer. Perhaps the isolators would be better used under my butt! Like CIVLIZED, I always have to tweak or modify in some way to try to make things run better or faster, i.e.; custom exhaust which utilized 1/2" EMT (electrical conduit). It is easy to shape with a conduit bender and with the stock muffler welded on the end, sounds and looks fairly cool. Didn't do squat for more power but has generated many complements.
BTW, my "builds" so far include 3 Crannys, 2 mountain bikes (Rat bikes) and one very clean & shiny Kingston 3 speed cruiser. Next build will be a Schwinn beach cruiser from Sears (on sale now for $149.95).
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