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Default Re: Cheap Rubber Motor Mounts

To elaborate a little on "vibration isolation" here is what you have to consider: The source of the vibrations you feel are produced by a single cylinder, 2 stroke engine coupled with manufacturing tolerances that leave a little to be desired. The engines are going to vibrate no matter how they are mounted. When they are isolated from the frame by rubber or some other resilient material the vibrations will be transfered to the mounting hardware (engine case and fasteners) and this is where you'll begin to see failures. If the engine is mounted solid to the frame the vibrations are transfered into the bike and, yes, you'll feel them, but they will be absorbed to a degree and that will lessen the possibilities of fastener/mount failures we've all read about. Unless the engine (crankshaft, piston, connecting rod) are properly balanced, not a job for an amateur, you can expect vibrations and even with these parts in sync, it is still a single cylinder engine and WILL, produce vibrations (actually harmonic pulsations) that will be felt when the engine is running and amplified by higher rpm. Not just my opinion, guys. That being said, yes, you can rubber mount the engine and possibly make for a smoother ride and lessen the 'buzzing' you feel in your butt and hands but the vibrations are still there and will show up in other ways that will cause you more problems than a tingly backside.
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