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Default Re: Cheap Rubber Motor Mounts

I have to agree with the "room for improvement" statement, greasy tom. I have never owned a 2 stroke engine, so I can't say much for them. But I made a anti-vibration mount for my 4 stroke that worked GREAT! The problem, I think, that 2door is addressing may be that most of the rubber mounts weren't built or installed properly and ended with not so favorable results. I think if it is done properly, it does nothing but improve the ride and display some creative flare. I rarely purchase anything and don't modify it in some way, so I'm all for making stuff better. You can make these things ride a lot smoother with some trial and error. I guess the problem for some is that the error part could result in death!

Oh yeah, if the design and intention thing is why you shouldn't modify the mount (to the naysayer's), why install an engine on a bicycle that wasn't designed for it?
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