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Default Re: Side Car Questions

Those are some great images and provide a lot of food for thought. Why try to reinvent the wheel if we don't have to? i can see where the derailleur would reduce the room for the attachment there. I don't know the answer to that one, but I can see that on a single speed cruiser or a bike with an internal hub this would be slick. I think Fasteddy's setup is very similar to the Watsonian. I'm also thinking that my little bicycle trailer wouldn't be much heavier than it is with aluminum panels instead of the fabric. And some of the images are reminiscent of a canoe front end as I've been thinking about for the next sidecar. Now I have an inkling of what fun fasteddy has been having with his sidecar. These are so cool! Thanks for sharing. I've taken the liberty of snitching some of the photos and posting them below.I notice that the sidecar wheel is running in line with the rear wheel of the bike. The one I'm working on is forward of the bike's rear wheel. I wonder what effect that will have? Also in the final photo it looks like the rear of the sidecar is swinging out as it turns. Does the rear most attachment telescope?
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