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No I have not used these wheels. I build my own wheels. I've been building bicycle wheels for 35+ yrs. I just finished up a new set of wheels for my latest motorized bike build this afternoon. But the specs/parts used on the GEBE wheels seem to be first rate. I've built alot of wheels over the years using Velocity rims, and know they are very strong rims. And they are a good rim to build with when you want to use 12g or larger spokes.. I'm not a big believer in using a 4-cross lacing pattern, but alot of builders think it is stronger. I personally don't use hub brakes but I know that alot of the builders of motorized bikes love them. As for the strength issue with a hub brake, its not an issue. As for the price, all I can say is I couldn't/wouldn't be able to build you a pair of wheels with those parts, for what they are selling them for.

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