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Default chain line issues

I am almost done with this build and now I have a problem.

The engine chain is off alignment. I am using a top hat adapter to mount my sprocket to the rear hub where the brake disc would normally mount. It is offset so that the sprocket is almost touching the spokes of the rear wheel. It seems that it is not enough and when I rotate the rear wheel the chain keeps catching on the sprocket almost jumping off of the sprocket.

Either the drive gear in the engine needs to move to the left (away from frame) or the sprocket needs to move to the right (toward center of bike).

The amount the chain line is off seems to be enough that it isn't ridable. I really need your guys help. I am really frustrated since I have been building this bike for about 4 months and trying to do everything just right.

To give you an idea how close the sprocket is to the spokes the I measured the distance from the chain to the spoke and it was 1/4 of an inch which is really close.

I tried uploading pics but the pic size was too big and I am new to my new imac and cant figure out how to resize the pics.

Any ideas?
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