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Default New to Forum. I have Titan XC Engine Kit

I am new to the forum. I have read several threads and found the information helpful and entertaining. With the insistance from a fellow motorized bike owner, I have decided to join the forum...

I have been riding my 1989 model Diamond Back bicycle with the Titan XC engine kit for a few days now. I have burned a little over a tank. I guess I have driven about 40 miles. I am pleased so far. I bought the kit so I could ride my bike to work and church which are both within 7 miles from home. I would appreciate some help with the following.

1. I have an oil leak that appears to be coming from the power take-off attached to the centrifugal clutch. What kind of oil goes in this little gearbox? Have others had this problem? I have tried to contact Dacs but no one has answered the phone in the past two days.
2. How long is the break in period for this motor? I am ready to run full throttle but do not want to do so too soon.
3. I have had to tighten the chain 5 times already. Should I be concerned?

Thanks in advance.
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