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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

And this is what things look like after the – pieces have been soldered and the bike is sitting parallel and level front to back. The nice thing about the copper fittings is that the ones I had marked with an x allow the arm to adjust for height before getting solder. I’ll mark each side of those unions with a scratch mark so that I can align it for the same configuration when I solder them solid. The threaded piece is two turns out from tight. At the sidecar where the T butts up against the sidecar frame it is held fast with two stainless steel hose clamps. No permanent alterations have been made to the sidecar so it can be converted back to a trailer in maybe ten minutes. No permanent changes have been made to the bike, either.

For clarification… in case you were wondering in the previous post what the chrome handlebar section was for… I wanted to be sure that the sleeve to 90 degree elbow butt joint would not heat up enough to come apart while heating the other end of the elbow near by, so I put the handlebar inside in case it did get loose and also to dissipate the heat some. It didn’t come loose.

So, I’m going to let it sit as is and stare at things before doing the last soldering. Measuring as well as I can… and then call it good enough. I imagine that tomorrow I’ll try rolling it around some, but no riding yet until I can fix the clutch. (Puller is on the way.) The dog is getting impatient and so am I. I sure hope this thing works.
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