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Default Re: what kind of metals can i

Originally Posted by turtle tedd View Post
Oxt-,Acetylene weiding of aluminum is not a good idea...
Well, no.
Oxy-acet-welding aluminum works very well, provided you have the right supplies and equipment.
And a lot of practice.....
A TINY torch works much better than a regular size setup, and you need the right filler rod and flux. sells both.

That said, it is more difficult than playing with steel. Tinman makes it look easy.
Steel wants to stick together.
Aluminum wants to stay separate, or melt into a puddle on the ground. There's a very small moment in time in-between those two, where (if you have the right rod and flux there) it will stick together. And stay stick-ed together.

Flux Core Mig Welding without gas of any metal is not a good idea..
This I will agree completely on.
People buy these electric welders because they don't want to need any gas cylinders, they think they can just plug the electric into the wall socket and go,,,,,,, and you can,,,,,, but the welds you get look terrible. If you buy a MIG, get one that can run gas, and go buy a tank of argon at least once--so you will see how good it's supposed to work.

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