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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Twice in a week I want a clapping emoticon for ya Hambro. I respect every police officer with your perspective. However that bully cop personality I hate. Brings up a story actually, So at a local Bar that I used to frequent, I had gotten 86'ed for getting in a fight. I went to court and the Judge said, your not allowed back there for one year. Well three months pass, and the Bar owner is literally begging me to come back, he tells me that 80% of his business walked out the door the night I got in the fight, because evryone was my friends, and I got in a fight with his punk bouncer who was being a real jerk to everyone (also had the bully cop mentality). Well about 10 months after the Judge said one year, a buddy of mine came to town. He wanted to go get a beer at our old hang out spot, so we went. I had 1 beer and drank about half of it, some drunk ass tried to fight me, I did not oblige. I went across the street to smoke a cigarette, apparently the guy fought someone inside Cops showed up, mind you I'm across the street smoking and safe at this point. The cops start questioning about the fighter and someone points out the window at me. My buddy walks outside, I go to tell him that we should go elsewhere, but as soon as my foot hit the cement outside the bar a cop slammed me on his car, and guess what I went to jail for violating a judges order... I tried to talk to this officer, he was the most disrespectful person I have met in my life, so rude. Mind you I have much respect for the police and the Job they do, I have never been like this to an officer, but Finally I called him on it, I said o so your that guy! Someone stuck a serious chip on your shoulder didn't they,......etc needless to say I ranted on him and even requested we settle it with a fist fight because he was being such a punk. I get to booking and start talking with the officers inside, and guess what? They are all on my side. I was given an ovation by his coworkers, they had heard almost all of it obviously, and one of them seriously came up shook my hand and said "Thank You, everyone around here hates that guy".......Truly the last thing I expected, To threaten a cop and be commended by his Needless to say I spent that night as King of my cell, if there is any such thing.
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