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Default Re: Engine running rough..

Originally Posted by tudorvintiloiu View Post

I've only been riding my bike for a few days, so the engine is brand new and it's just breaking in...

It's running fine when i accelerate.. smooth and strong, but when I release the throttle it seems rough, uneven...
This is completely normal - even better than normal for a new engine lol - pretty much all these small 2 strokes will "4 stroke" (fire every other/misfire) when not under load, no matter the mileage, what's unusual is an engine as new as yours runnin' "smooth and strong" at all heh, it's usually takes a few tankfulls for them to break in and run right.

Sounds like alls well

Although I will point out that extended engine compression braking is not recommended with a 2 stroke as the only lubrication it gets is from the fuel. Doing it a little or to to assist an emergency stop is fine - just avoid prolonged forced high RPMs w/o throttle
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