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Default Re: Important Choices - Please Give Me Your Opinion

My advice for work travel when using the HT solution. Disregard as required…

I ride 16 miles to work 5 days a week. 8 miles each way. I've walked the last 3 or 4m or called in sick only a few times.

Get a nice steel bike. Get three or four of them. From thrift stores or otherwise. Motorize at least two of them. Alloy bikes are nice but soft.

Here is a tip, mild steel bikes just "thud" when tapped with a screwdriver, high tensile frames ring like a bell. There are other better methods for determining.

That $350 Motobecane is nice but a bad choice for a HT motorizing, might be OK for a rack mount engine, but a HT set up will allow for a rear rack for cargo, slabs 'o beer, furniture ect.

The top tube has exposed cable runs- It’s a fuel tank mounting nightmare or time consuming reroute of everything.

Bottle mounts will probably need grinding for motor mount.

Down tube is probably too fat for an easy mount.

No discs or fenders.

You will need both in the rain. Lights also.

Get an old school high tensile steel mountain bike or 10 speed fitted with 26 x 1.5" road tyres and HD tubes. Slimed if you insist.

The HT fits perfectly on these old school steel frames.

Run a disc brake at the front, with suspension. No fade in the rain and bumps don't rattle your wrists.

Get 3 happy times, mount 2 keep one for spares

Get motorcycle grade wet weather gloves, jacket and boots. A proper helmet with visor or at least safety glasses and bike hat.

Having two bikes lets you decide when repairs/maintenance are done, having only one can mean midnight stints fixing stuff, or ride the backup bike and fix it Saturday.

Be prepared for flats; carry a spare tube, pump and toolkit.

Carry a spare ignition set-up, plug, coil and CDI.

The "rag joint" sucks. Get a better solution on at least one bike, Disc hub, HD hub or clamshell adapter.

Run a 36t rear sprocket, cruise at 30mph at low revs.

Use Synthetic oil at 30:1. I add 10% castor for performance and the nice odour.

Tune it up after you feel confident with the set-up. Big carbie, High compression, Exhaust mods, ect...

There are other choices, like rack mounts or 4 stroke in frame.

My best choice would be a Morini in a Hardtail MTB or a Lifan 110cc in a stretch cruiser.

Both would outlast a Happytime x 5 times or more.

You'll need two bikes for the job.

Others will disagree but, its less drama at the end of the day.
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