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Default Re: Sound Familiar???

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Top notch is rich, bottom is lean

You had it at the top and moved it down? Then you leaned the air/fuel mixture. That's most likely why you need the choke to start it now. If it run's fine once it warms up you should be okay. If you need to run the motor with the choke then you are too lean. Run it a little bit and check your plug, be sure it is not too lean.

The idel screw's in these carbs is a hit and miss, some work, some don't

The needle clip moves down for richer guys....if you move it down a notch, it raises the needle out of the jet more. With the taper of the needle and the opening in the jet, the area of where the fuel can flow through becomes larger.

I do agree that the engine seems lean.

Put the needle in the second groove down and look for the dreaded air leak.

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