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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

You should come to my area and tell that to the cops! them four wheelers might one day pull me over and take me away from my baby! haha Well I respect the cops if their nice also, I got pulled over one day and well I just tried to be polite while trying to keep my cool. (I get dizzy or start to freak out when I'm near a cop) well all in all he let me go and told me to be safe! Cool cop and the only cop that has pulled me over. The only bad news is that from the forum theirs a mbr who got fined near my area and was being at risk from getting his bike impounded. That's what really gets me worried, if the cops start to take motorized bicycles from us mb's. Well nice to know theirs at least a cool cop in Alabama and expecially a motorized bicycle builder!
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