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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Originally Posted by hambro View Post
I have been contemplating on doing this for a while and what the heck, here goes. I am a Deputy Sheriff in the county where I live. I love motorized bikes, love building them and love riding them. However I am no hypocrit when it comes to enforcing the law. I absolutely will not hassle a guy riding a motorized bicycle if he is being careful, not putting himself or others in danger. Ride the back roads and side streets guys, not in the middle of the highway if the bikes are illegal in your town as they are in mine. If you do get pulled over by a cop, PLAY DUMB!!! Just be respectful, act like you didn't know and for gods sake, don't argue with him/her. I hate writing traffic tickets and I usually wont write one to someone who is not giving me a hard time unless they were being a total idiot in the first place. WEAR A HELMET!!!! If you draw attention to yourself then of course you are gonna get hassled by the cops. I sell my bikes to alot of local people and I am always honest concerning their legality up front. I tell them that they ride at their own risk and I have them sign a disclaimer when they buy from me. As much fun as these things are, they are not really toys. They can be very dangerous and you can die on one, or falling off of one. I can't speak for every cop, these are just my views and opinions and there are plenty of cops just like me. Cops don't like to be embarassed and they won't mess with you when it comes to a law that they are not familiar with and most are not familiar with these bikes. Now I know that old Barney Fife is out there and he probably got beat up alot as a kid or chased home with rocks everyday from school and he's out to get back at every childhood bully which you just happen to represent ( in his mind anyway ). He's got a chip on his shoulder and he's out to prove something and he's gonna get you no matter what. Not me guys, and not most of my friends. I ask my cop buddies all the time if they'd pull over MBer's and they all say the same thing: Not if they are being safe and not acting foolish. I know some guys are probably gonna bash me on here simply because they hate cops and nothing will change their minds, well I'm not tryin to change your mind, I proved myself a long time ago and I have nothing left to prove. I'll treat you like a man as long you don't act like an animal, period. Thanks for letting me rant and thanks for listening and on behalf of all the good, fair, humane cops out there, I apologize for the "Barney's".

I'm not going to bash you. I give to the FOP. Thanks for the insight.

And thanks for your service.

A little off topic here... We have a few interesting bikes between my father and I. I ride them on the weekends to keep them going. I'll ride the 75 Norton and no one notices. I'll ride the 50 Whizzer and cars will stop, turn, and follow me. How could you not love a motorized bike?
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