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Default Howdy from Texas! crazy offroad motorbike project in need of HELP

I am designing a motorized mountain bike.

The bike I picked was a Kona Dawg Deluxe, 20 inch. Dual suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless rims. The ultimate post apocalypse commuter. These babies are around $2,000 new, luckily I grabbed it for just $700 in like new condition, the woman was riding it on the street in her neighbor hood, and she was 5' 3'' on a 20inch MTB. Heh.

The motor I picked up was a 49.7cc 4-stroke engine. I will say first off that I know much more about bikes than I do engines, so any help with identifying the brand of the engine would be helpful. I had it recently machined, runs beautifully. Mounted on the tombstone of a prior motorbike. (horrible 35 mph crash, don't wanna talk about it) It is a centrifugal clutch, I know that much.

The problem I have with combining these two is I am unsure of how to mount an engine mount on the bicycle without damaging the frame. I want to be able to remove the motor when I am in the mood to mountain bike, and replace the engine when it's time to haul ass, or maybe a trailer or something of that sort. I have posted some pictures of both the bicycle and the motor. Here is what I have thought up:

The mounts should be around the down tube and the seat tube, in an undamaging way such as bolting or gluing. One end has to be above the rear suspension, and I have checked the movement of the suspension, it shifts left about 5mm (minuscule amount). I'm fairly confident the engine will fit.

So that is my project that I am looking forward to. I need AS MANY SUGGESTIONS AS POSSIBLE, and will return the same when inquired.

As for myself I enjoy the soothing sounds of music, and the complex forethought of creating it. I also enjoy a nice bike ride or two a day. Going to school to become a Photovoltaic Engineer. A few rounds of disc golf is a great way to spend a saturday morning. I also enjoy partaking in righteous self sustainability, and spreading my woes for a more ethical world in an unorthodox manner, usually shouts from my bike rides ("Are you TRYING to kill me?" works great when a driver gets a little to close, nobody wants to be a murderer, they just want to be a jackass on the road and get around the slow honda accord sedanwagon in front of them) I also enjoy drinking and smoking, but no cigarettes however. So that is my current life in a nut shell.

With all of that said, I am glad to have joined the forums and look forward to meeting all of you!
Thank you for reading my greeting,
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