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Default Re: Important Choices - Please Give Me Your Opinion

Please don't take this advice too strongly because I have limited experience here, but if I was in your position I would look into a kit with a Honda 4 cycle 49cc. I only have experience with the 66cc two strokes. They are pretty reliable but I wouldn't trust it for transportation to work. My motorized bicycle is just for fun. I would think that a Honda 4 cycle would be more reliable.

I think this hobby is awesome but when I hear about people relying on these 2 strokes for reliable transportation to work it makes me cringe. Maybe its because I am very punctual and wouldn't want to take chances with my livelyhood. The only way I would ride my bike to work is if I left early enough that if my bike broke down I could still make it on time by walking the rest of the way. There is a lot of drag in the drivetrain when trying to ride the bike with the engine off so an idea is if your engine quits on the way to work take a chain tool with you so you could take off the engine chain and ride the bike the rest of the way to work. Or maybe your boss is really laid back, I don't know.
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