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Default Re: walmart schwinn cheap

Originally Posted by Bill in Oregon View Post
Metalliatic: Thanks for your original post. As to building these to sell, how much does it cost to fit a good wheel/rim and tire set?
like i said i never had any problems out of my walmart bike and cogswelln said he never had any problems out of his. maybe you guys are alot harder on your bikes then i am. i ride mine on the street. i dont use a criuser as a mountain bike so i think the rims will be fine. if i was rock jumping with it i would think of replacing the rims. but for ridding on black top i dont think thats its a problem. i didnt mean to go out and swiddle somebody like your a used car salemen (no offence to used cars salemen) i just wanted to give you something to think about to finace your project. i belive that the kind of person that would buy a bike like this would have no concerns. and if you want you could always have them sign a liabilty waver.
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