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Default Side Car Questions

Okay, blame Silver Bear for this thread, but his sidecar project has made me switch gears from my trailer project to a side car. So before I get to deep into it I want to do my research. I've search the internet and scoured this forum for anything pertaining to side cars and found some cool pictures and interesting ideas. I still have a few questions that I am sure they have been answered but I could not find them. So here goes:

Rigid versus flexible mount. What little I have found out about sidecars usually pertains to motorcycles and rigid versus lean seems to be an ongoing debate, usually coming down to personal preference. On the bike side of things I have seen lots of both. Has anyone experienced both? Or is there a reasin I should go with one and not the other because Motorized Bikes are not Motor Cycles?

Weight. I am planning to have a side car with a capacity of at least a 100 lbs so the hack it self will be fairly robust, on a trailer most of the weight resides on the axle if loaded and constructed properly. So in a trailer situation not a lot of additional strain on the bike itself except from a towing perspective. A side car shares half the weight with the bike, and my plan is to attach the side car to the chain stay, will weight need to be considered or is the chain stay strong enough that unless I am hauling elephants there is nothing to worry about.

Those are my two big questions so far, and hopefully I get some good feed back and create the "definitive" side car thread.
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