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Default Sound Familiar???

Greetings from Perth, Western Austraila. I'm Hicksy and have just built my first MB. I bought the kit online a few weeks ago and I'm still mucking around with it to get it right for actually going somewhere other than up and down my road.

I bought 2 bikes from the tip for $10 and put one good bike together from them. Put the motor in very carefully, making sure I followed all the instructions (what there were of them that I could identify as english), took me a couple of days to whack together.

The toughest part was the back cog, bloody ****, you need fingers shaped like tweezers with the strength of a vice to get that in place. I'm now getting really good at installing this bit as I've done this several times.

The first time I tried to start the engine, the clutch fell apart. Next try I lost the master link off the chain and had it wrap itself around the rear wheel causing a major unexpected stop. I found the link but lost the clip and cover. Found out the it's a 415 chain and got a 420 master link that fits. The only difference between these is the length of the posts. (ie width of the chain)

After fixing that and feeling pretty good about it, I tried again to get it started. After pedalling 4.5km up and down the road, all I could get were a few splutters. I looked at the motor and there was fuel coming out of the gasket area under the barrel. Further investigation revealed that the quality control in China was not up to standard. Someone, late on a Friday afternoon put the gasket on 90 degrees clockwise to the usual install. I made a gasket up and fixed that.

Finally got it going only to have the clutch fall apart again. Then I broke my pedalling chain. This clutch is never coming apart again, Locktited everything in place now.

The bike runs well but after about 15-20 minutes of use it loses all power and dies. Choking it, even while hot gets it going again but its a pain.

Last night I checked and adjusted the carbie, the c clip was underneath the circlip so I fixed that and put it in No 2 position. Made sure the idle screw was out 4.5 turns. Got it going but it lacked power and smooth idling. Took it out the back yard and gave it a rev. The carby was vibrating away with the rest of the bike and then it blew off. I've now put gasket goo on the bit the carby fits over.

I would like to thank you all for the information I've sponged off this site and look forward to chatting with you sometime.

to be continued
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