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Default Re: walmart schwinn cheap

Wal mart nikes are not all junk ive had my walmart motorized bicycle and it pulls trailer loaded with wood. i havent had any issues with the stock rims. the tires wear out quickly tho, ive replaced my back tire once already, and am going to be replacing it again soon. Now selling a walmart bike with a motor, i have mixed fealins about this as well. yes it is a quick easy way to turn a quick profit, but just remember with bikes you get what you pay for. the cheap bikes though they work are not the best quality and should be treated with care. I cant complain about my walmart motorbike, but every time i go for a ride, i check the spokes to see if they are loose, i check the air pressure not as often as i should, but i do check it.
Now the people who buy them should know exactly what they are getting into as well, and should hopefully have at least a little mechanical skill. There can be a lot of maintanace with these things and should be treated with care. People who know nothing of these things should not just jump on and ride either. If they dont know anything about them and something goes wrong where is the liability going to go unless you have liability wavers. Im not trying to knock your idea of making an easy profit, easy profits are always nice, just be carefull and make sure they know that the walmart bike is a yugo while a well built bike with the double wall rims and quality parts is more of the cadilac
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