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Default Re: walmart schwinn cheap

Originally Posted by dag_29307 View Post
I for one agree with Venice. How can you rest easy knowing you could have very well sold a death trap to someone? I mean no offense but realistically that is what you are doing. You are selling someone a car to travel to Calif. from New York in when you KNOW it's gonna blow up after they get 150 miles from home. You are not only putting your name at risk but the whole motorized bicycle community. The hardest thing to get rid of is a bad reputation.

Please use some discretion. Thank You.
I think you are wrong about the quality of the bike. like i said i ran the crap out of my cheap bike all summer and never had any problems. the only thing i did to my $89 walmart bike was add a front break. it had a coaster when i bought it new. i dont think that it will "blow up" after so many miles. i never heard any complants from the buyer, he had my phone # from the craigslist ad. i would rather put someone on a new walmart bike then an used yardsale bike that you know nothing about. the only thing that could go wrong with the bike is the bearings and they will start making noise and getting tight way before the go compleatly out. they give you lots of warning frist. what else makes a bike better quality? the frame welds all look the same.
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