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Default Re: Snobs in Bicycle Stores

Originally Posted by Oysterville View Post
I'm in the midst of gathering the various things necessary to build my first motored bicycle. The motor is about a week and a half out from arriving (it's gonna be a very LONG week and a half), and I scored a Specialized Expedition off of Craigslist last weekend for a fair price. I've still got about a hundred bucks in bicycle parts to buy to get this sewn up, outside of a trip to NAPA to put the lighting together. This forum has been a gem as far as answering my questions before I even have to post a thread, and for that I thank you all.

The heart of small towns are the small businesses within, so I'm a big proponent of giving them my business whenever I can, as long as the price is at least competitive. Usually they are, so that's fine. Service is usually where these small shops shine, and in the end if I have to pay a bit more for good service and knowledgeable help I'm all for it.

Today I went into the regional bicycle shop (for those who live in the southern Washington/northern Oregon coast, you know who I am talking about). I've run into the manager of the place a few times out and about, and we know each other by first name. That doesn't mean that I'd invite him over for a beer, though. Guess I'm selective like that.

While in this establishment I was apparently the only customer there. I walked in, and when he saw me he greeted me appropriately. After some small talk he asked what brought me in, and I told him what I had just bought on Craigslist and that I was going to convert it into a motorized bicycle. The change in demeanor was radical. He said that he had sold the motors for awhile, but then got out of it. When I followed up that statement to ask why, he had already marched off to do something else on the computer, not answering me. As I walked from seats to helmets to fenders and back (another 5-10 minutes in the store) he said nothing to me.

This was not the first time he had done this to me. I actually brought up motorized bicycles over a year ago when I ran into him and his lady friend in a local tavern. As soon as I mentioned them, he literally gave me a look and turned in his barstool to look the other direction. End of conversation.

Gotta admit that the whole experience took a bit of the wind out of my sails. Is this a common experience with pedal pushers? Personally I can't imagine treating a customer in such a way, but maybe sales is so good there with traditional customers that he can afford to do this.

Thanks to the regional grocery/variety chain and the Internet I will do just fine not frequenting his establishment. Doesn't keep it from being disappointing as a member of the community.
Dawned on me this morning. Not all but at least some, is not snobbery but intimidation. We take a rather simple devise like a bicycle and then add a WW, China girl, 4 smoker etc. All of a sudden in their place of work or biz where before we walked in, they were the expert, are now faced with an unknown.

" He said that he had sold the motors for awhile, but then got out of it." Seems like an unpleasant memory for him. Might of had nothing to with you or our crazy. China girls are tuff to customer care for after the sale. Trouble shooting, explaining how to install etc.

Just a thought
worst apocalypse ever
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