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Default New to the world of Motorized Bikes

Sorry if this has already posted, first time user and I can't seem to figure it out

So I got this wild hair this past weekend!
Howdy Folks
Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
I am a long time collector and admirer of all things vintage on wheels. I have several vintage Allstate scooters, a collection of Schwinn Sting Rays, a bunch of vintage travel trailers and a few other rides in my stock pile.

This new little obsessive journey in life started this past weekend when my Wife and I were traveling down a country road in Nova Scotia where we now live. We drove past a small church and there was a guy out front selling about 6 motorbikes that he had built. Now I have seen many a motorbike in my time and there was certainly nothing special about the ones that he was selling, but something made me turn in and check them out.

We started talking and within a few minutes I new that I had to have one. As soon as I got home I hit the computer and started searching and was amazed to find that there was such a big following for these things. I wasn't really sure what it was that I was looking for, I just knew what I wasn't looking for! There had to be something special out there, something that would reflect who I am and the style that I love and I was on a mission to find it. I started looking on eBay and soon ran across a beautiful handmade motorcycle in Eastern Europe that had a lot of "Steampunk" styling to it and I knew that I was now on the right track. I contacted the seller with praise for he Art and he emailed me back with pic's of other past bikes including a fantastic motorbike and a 1930's NSU that Captain Nemo will feel right at home on. Now I knew which direction I needed to head and off I went in search of the perfect bike for me to build.

After looking around at hundreds of old bikes on the internet, I was sold on the look of the old "Board Track Racers" and early bikes of 100 years ago as the style I wanted. I soon changed my search from "Motorbike" to "Motorized Bicycle" and found my way to this fantastic site. I was amazed to see what some of you were doing with bicycles and I new that I was home. I had been collecting photos of the Motorcycles that I loved along the way and was blown away with some of what I have seen on this site to create that very same look for the fraction of the cost of the Real Macoy.

When I saw what could be done with a new bike frame and parts as in the photo of the Red Indian posted by Crazy Horse, I now know that my (New) dream can come true. Take this look and ad a little more Steampunk copper and brass and that it's.

Enough for now, but I am glad to have found this wonderful forum.

Craig Dorsey
Vintage Vacations
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