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Default Cleaning out a new gas tank?

I'm on my first build so hope this isn't a stupid question. heh heh

Anyways, do the chinese engine kits come with any anti-rust or other coatings inside the tanks that need or should be cleaned out? I have the PK80 kit and there's no rust inside the tank but when I stick my fingers inside and feel around I can feel a somewhat oily coating, sort of like old oil that has dried out over time time.

I have a big bottle of Duplicolor Automotive Grease, Tar & Wax Remover that I was planning to pour into the tank, swish around and let sit for a few days, then drain. I've read on other threads suggestions of putting in washers or some other media inside the tank and rattling it to clean the inside but I want to avoid that since I've already painted the outside of the tank to match my frame and don't want the paint chipping from the hundreds of small impacts the washers would make against the inside of the tank walls.
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