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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

I realized that the American can't be used with the front mount I have in mind due to the built in kick stand setup. If you look at the photo of the gray bike kickstand area you'll see the center double stand which I added and would be removed, but there is a diagonal tube under which is welded in place and houses the factory kick stand. It is in the way of the handlebar section I would use as a mount. So that would need to be cut off, but then there is the additional problem that would create in that the tube is also where the rear fender mount attaches. Hassles. And I would need to come up with a rear stand if I wanted to detach the sidecar. Instead I'll work with the Elgin. I went to the hardware and found that 3/4" copper pipe fittings will fit over the 7/8" handlebar, since they are designed to go over the 3/4" pipe before soldering into place. The T I had envisioned won't work because the central part of the T is a smaller diameter, that of the 3/4" pipe, so the handlebar will not fit all the way through. Instead I am using an elbow with an extension on one end made from a sleeve union. I fit the union on the handlebar and the elbow next to it as a kind of butt joint. I figured I could solder them together and the solder would not bond to the chrome handlebar inside, which it didn't. Before soldering I cleaned up the copper with steel wool and the inside of the sleeve with the little sanding drum of the dremel tool. It is snug, but pivots freely. The idea is to first fit the extended elbow section onto the handlebar front mount... slide it back and then attach the rear mount which will make it impossible for the elbow to come off the front mount. I don't know if I've described this clearly, but it will work. I don't have an appropriate length of handlebar at present for an arm to go from the short end of the elbow to the sidecar, so will use 3/4 copper pipe. The handlebar would be much stronger, but I think the copper pipe will do. The end of the front mount arm which attaches to the sidecar will go to a... ( don't know yet and will figure that out tomorrow).
The handlebar mount has been drilled for the horizontal bolt going through the fender mounting point and drilled vertically for a bolt to go through a kick stand plate I found in my stuff today. Once those are in place the mount will be affixed and I can make the arm. I can also determine if I need to further secure the handlebar mount forward of the pedal crank. I'm a little concerned with the pedal running in to the front arm going to the sidecar and may need to do a bit of a dogleg for clearance. I'll figure it out as I go and hope to have some time for tinkering tomorrow.
Pictures will follow in the next post... spotty internet connection tonight, so two installments.
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