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Default Re: Snobs in Bicycle Stores

Went into a Trek store here and left feeling sorry that I inconvenienced them so terribly. Would have loved to go in with a basket full of thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Then, tell them that it was all for a motorized bike. Then, when they go all spandex on me, just drop all the stuff and walk out the door and let THEM put it back on the shelves.

I went right across the street to a no name mom and pop bike shop and the guy there was very courteous and honest with me. Made me WANT to spend money there.

There's another bike shop (Schwinn) in town and I've told them what I was doing. They said that they knew of others who have done the same thing. They answered a lot of my questions and spent time with me about some of this "bike stuff". I've tried to buy stuff there repeatedly but, sadly, they've not had the stuff available or whatever.
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