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Default Re: Snobs in Bicycle Stores

Originally Posted by DOC BOLM View Post
I have 4 harleys and have never had a problem.Are you buying new are used.Harleys Dad
Sorry, Doc. I don't want to offend anyone. It's just one of those crazy things that I don't understand. Would you ride beside me on a Honda and you on your Harley? I know a lot of people that won't, which is why I bought the two that I had. I wanted to fit in, at the time. That's the biggest problem I have with the "Harley" club. I don't care what anyone rides. If it's any kind of cycle (or trike), let's ride. I don't descriminate! I have actually ended up in fights at rallies because I was riding a Honda. I'm a proud kind of person and don't take a whole lot of crap from people, so it didn't take much, but really, because of the name on my bike?
I could only afford(and would only pay for) used Harley's. Had to have the cam bearings replaced in both, along with other miscellaneous issues. I've had my Honda Shadow 1100 since 2002(bought it new for $8000) and only done normal maintenance. Pretty much just turn the key, press the button, and go. Been riding for 20 years and had many bikes. Hate to say that the two Harleys were the only ones that ever had to enter the shop for major repair. Could be coincidence, I don't know or care. I won't own another just because of the stigma. My dad sold his and vows not to own another. Kind of funny to me, he has to change out his entire wardrobe. Everything he owns has "Harley" printed on it. He was going to buy another a couple of months ago, but when he found one he wanted, they would only sell at MFRP! Wouldn't budge at all and was very bold in stating that. They supposedly haven't been doing much selling with the economy and all but don't want to negotiate at all. Think they will get another bail out?

Sorry, didn't want to go off topic or thread jack, but I did want to explain to Doc.
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