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Default Re: Neighbors Bike Stolen **Wisconsin people please keep and eye out**

Originally Posted by MarksA-C View Post
This thread can be removed, but someone tried to steal my neighbors bike (Down the block) and we found it. It was outside of his fence and down a hill, out of sight. Looks like it was dragged and just dumped there.

Having that happen seems worse than having it full out stolen.

Needless to say he is chaining it to his Harley and double locking the garage.
Glad to hear he found his bike. Hope it's not too banged up. Whenever I leave my bike alone I make sure it's fairly close by and turn all gas valves off as well as put the choke up (so if the culprit does find out how to start the bike he won't get very far until he's gotta start pedaling.)
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