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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

Silver Bear, sorry, didn't think about messing with the heart of a tinkerer. What's more sacred than the 'made this out of nothing'. Other than a bit of plywood that I bought, my sidecar and frame are just what we had around the house. Frame was square tube my nephew bought and never used, the wood was in the work shop and the mahogany was door and window moldings taken off the house over 25 years ago and kept because they were to good to throw out.
Now I look at tin cans differently thanks to you and Rockenstein.
Trying to find a use for all the hot air pipes that are under the ivy behind the work shop.

The trailer looks like a natural sitting beside the bike. Puppy should be pleased because she is beside you and is also close enough to give you the puppy eye and that means more treats. Nobody avoids puppy eye! Human heart isn't strong enough. LOL

Kijiji is much like Craigs List but is only in Canada I think.

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