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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

I took a few minutes out this morning to remove the original arm which is designed to attach to a fitting at the rear axle. As it was is the first photo. I set the trailer next to the bike With the wheel removed and discovered that I could use the same mounting holes and just reverse the arm... couldn't be easier! So the rear attachment modification took all of five minutes. This may be even simpler than I had imagined. I can see that the center stand I use on that bike (63 American Deluxe) will have to go to make room for the front mount. But being a sidecar along with the original side kickstand it will stay upright without the center stand. Maybe I'll also make a rear drop stand for that bike. for when the sidecar is not attached. The photo taken from behind shows the arm fixed to the axle of the bike. The sidecar position seems about right to me as it is. Cool. Later today I'll drive in to town for a hardware run and see about a tubular T fitting if one is made in a 2" size. Hope so. Aaniimoosh The Wonder Dog is ready to ride, even if I am not.
By the way, this model trailer is an Instep Ride N Stride. Another model might well be different in how it mounts, etc.
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