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Default Hi, my name is Keith, I'm an aquarius,I like long moonlit walks on the beach....

...Anyways I am new to this thing, and have just acquired my project to base my motor bike on. I have a 1953 Schwinn Something (I was told could be a Green Phantom) which I plan a vintage boardtrack build on. This could change as the project progresses as my 6'4 frame only fits on a bicycle comfortably certain ways. I plan to do this on a budget, but build it right. Haha. Thats where you guys and your knowledge come in. I be bugging you for tips and advice. In return I will post progress and provide you with plenty of laughs for sure. I am currently building a 67 VW Fastback,so I figure working on the two simultaneously will be fairly efficient. Lotsa stripping, derusting, prepping, priming and planning to do on both. Heck, I'd better go get started.

See ya round!
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