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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

Steve fasteddy,
You are very kind in your offer of a mounting plate like yours. I appreciate it and will take you up on it as a rain check for the next "real" sidecar which I intend to build next winter and which will be heavier and more in need of a substantial mounting setup. It may even get an electric wheel and be a pusher sidecar. For this little bike trailer of tubes and fabric I don't think it will take much to secure it. If the Chariot can get by with one mounting point, then the two I have outlined should work well enough unless there is something wrong in my thinking. Now I want to find out if it will work and of course I'm hoping it proves to be a simple and low cost way of your average guy having a sidecar made from a bike trailer. I'd love it if somebody else made one and was giving a grandchild rides, spreading a little motorbicycle joy. It would feel like I contributed something and gave back after all that has been given to me. It wouldn't matter if anybody remembered where they got the idea or if it was third hand by then. I know you understand where I'm coming from. After pondering this for sometime and coming up with what I think is a solution I just have to find out if it will work out. I think it is going to, especially if others also help think this through. What you have come up with is at the top end of sidecar 'technology' and mine is at the other end of the scale, but the pleasure in figuring out a solution to the problem is much the same. I also can't help it. I just like making something out of nothing, or changing one discarded thing into another. It is like someone on this forum who made an exhaust pipe from a handlebar, Bairdco's lay back seat post also made from handlebar. .. Rockenstein's (and now mine, too,) juice can gas tank. The leaping tuna air cleaner. I have to find out if I can make a sidecar out of a bike trailer with found stuff and simple tools. I gotta.
If you will cut a second mounting plate, the same size as yours , I will make my next and more grand sidecar frame of the same dimension as yours. And I won't have to think up how to secure it to the bike, thanks to you. I'm still thinking a few feet from the end of an aluminum canoe might work for a sidecar body. Or make one of cedar strip, but a little square stern 'canoe'. I live in canoe country next to the million acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area, so I think it would be appropriate. Thank you. Steve.
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