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i buy a lot of kits from them, heres the good and the bad, they ship very fast, i normaly get my orders in less than a week, sometines as fast as 2 days, almost all the time they send you the grubbe skyhawk kit no matter which one you order, i order the cheaper jet kit and they send the grubbe, all the kits have ran good, no dud motors yet from them. now for the bad. have had a few kits with shiping damage or bad componets, like clutch cables kinked, tanks dented, spark plugs broken etc. with them you get what you get, it's almost impossible to get them on the phone and if you do it will be a guy from india who barely speaks english and knows nothing about there products and wants you to call back to speak to a tech who is never there. they also charge a lot for shiping. so there prety much just like all the big sellers. if you want good service pay a little more and order from some of the vendors on this site.
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