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Default Re: Snobs in Bicycle Stores

Good job, Oysterville. It sounds like you are still moving forward without buying anything from that store. That is exactly what I do. Not that it is any of their business what you are doing with your purchase, but if they ask and then act all stuck up about it when you tell them, then they should loose your business. It's the same kind of mentality with motorcycle people. There are Harley's and there's everything else. I don't understand it. I've owned a couple of them that were complete crap and really don't know of any trouble free Harley's, but to a Harley guy that is the only "real" motorcycle. I will never own another Harley just because of the attitude from the owners and stores. To the Harley guys, I ride a Honda. To the spandex guys, this is transportation, not a toy for exercise.
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