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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

Steve M
Yes, I was figuring the sidecar to go on the right, but didn't realize it was required by law to be on the right. I was thinking more in terms of how I normally mount my bike (from the left side) and that the china girl exhaust is on the left side and would not be directly next to the sidecar. I know that my brother's dog liked riding in a trailer behind my brother's bike and my little friend Aaniimoosh is bonkers for riding in her trailer. She will sometimes sit next to her trailer and bark, asking for a ride. I once bought a hard plastic bodied trailer at a yard sale as a replacement for the first Instep Lightning she wore out after a thousand miles (fabric died). She rode in the plastic trailer once and would not ride in it again after that. I realized later it was a noisy and less cushioned ride. Dog knows best. The exhaust has never bothered her at all. If it had she would not have asked to ride. I did attach a mud flap to the rear fender to cut down on gravel/junk kicking up on logging roads. I find it hard to look behind me to check on her while riding. I've ridden past foxes on the side of forest roads, spooked many deer and a couple moose, one timber wolf. Dogs will be dogs and I'd like better to look next to me to be sure she isn't about to launch herself out of the trailer in hot pursuit. It has never happened, but still. Same with if my passenger is one of my grandchildren or aneighbor kid, it would be good to have the passenger next to me and not out of sight behind. Nice used trailers show up at yard sales...
Make sure the dog's first ride is a good experience... nothing freaky happening, praise and maybe a treat since it is a new experience. No reward needed after the first time. I've seen her get into her trailer when it was just sitting there detached from the bike and curl up for a nap. It's nice having a riding buddy.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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