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Default Re: My petcock broke....

My engine is now running rich.

Is this even plausible? My plug looks rich, engine sounds and runs rich…. At mid and fuel throttle. I had the thing running nearly PERFECT before.

The fuel flow through this thing like a fire hose! I guess I never thought much about how bad the old valve was (until it snapped) - BTW I never used the POS intank screen and my plastic "VW" clear fuel filter has caught a good amount of crud. Now here's the weird part, the filter would only be 1/2 full of fuel at best when the bike was new and got worse with time. Recently the filter just would have just a tiny amount of fuel in it - enough to run really great with zero problems. Change the valve and it runs rich....I don't understand why. Maybe the fuel flow was metered by the valve not the carb that just sounds whacked…..

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