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Hi All,

I hate doing this cause I know if I search for a few hours I could find the answer. I have a new KindMotorBike 80CC engine. I installed it on my DB mountain bike temporarily to see how it would do before putting it on a bike that it will stay on. Didnt mount the front bracket since it was temporary and got it all up and running, but the engine was really hard to start. So hard that one time it locked and flipped me off the front. Pretty funny stuff. Well that broke the chain and I parked it. Bought new chain and figured I would give another whirl. Got it running again and ran ok. Still very hard to start adn then heard a piece loose in the clutch cover. Removed the covcer to find the big silver disk loose along with the adjustment screw and threaded piece still in engine. Have email into kings to see what the part is and how I can get a new one. Didnt see it listed on their site and was wondering where I could get one. Also think maybe I over adjusted the clutch and it was pressing that disk against the clutch cover. Maybe some information on that or pics as to how to adjust that would be nice.
Thanks in advace.
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