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Default Re: Bucking bar to camshaft problem.

The reason for the ball is to act as a bearing surface w/some grease,,,it has a smaller contact surface against the buck bar and the rod that it moves to push the clutch plate out,,,the other end of the buck bar has a wider contact surface against the clutch-arm cam and should not spin as soon as perssure is applied to the clutch arm enough to start disengaging the clutch,,,,As the clutch pucks wears down ,the clutch plate moves in toward the left side of the motor pushing the rod against the ball and this pushes the buck bar against the clutch arm cam,using up the freeplay and making the spinning buck bar wear against the un lubed cam that probebly also has road grit,that must be why we have to adjust the flower nut on a regular basis,,,original thought ,I wonder if the main spring on the clutch is too tight (hard to pull clutch lever) causing the clutch arm to be adjusted to the point of no free play too compensate for the stiffness of it,,,Also,crobo's #9 above
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