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Default 4 cycle vs 2 cycle; centrifugal clutch or not??

I am ready to by a couple of kits (one for me and one for my wife), but not sure which ones I want. I want to be able to pedal and then when we're tired be able to switch to the motor. Are the 4 stroke 50cc motors that much quieter than the 80 or 50 cc 2 strokes? Also with the centrifugal clutch..what are the down sides as compared to one with a clutch handle? The one I saw and watched was a 80 cc w/o a centrifugal clutch and the guy showing it to me recommended the upgrade to a centrifugal clutch. I also want to tow a bike trailer with gear....and wonder if the 2 stroke would provide additional power for this I might need and wonder if the 4 stroke would also provide sufficient power.

I would appreciate the advice from those out there who know. Thanks for your help. Howard
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